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Sign transactions locally and submit with rippled-ws-client

This is a ES6 module to complement rippled-ws-client. This module allows you to:

  1. Sign a transaction offline and return the tx_blob and tx_id (useful for air gapped transactions) 😎
  2. Submit a pre-signed transaction (tx_blob and tx_id)
  3. Sign and submit a transaction 🎉

Awesome features

  • If you are signing and submitting online, there's no need to enter the account Sequence, the LastLedgerSequence and/or the Fee: if you don't enter them the class will find the right values for you.
  • Submitting a transaction (from pre-signed tx_blob or by signing one) returns a promise. The class will handle watching the ledger for you, so the promise will either resolve because the transaction is in a validated ledger, of reject because there of an error or the Leder Index is past the entered / auto generated LastLedgerSequence.

Samples are available over here

How to use

To use this module in vanillajs, vue-webpack, nodejs, etc.: please check the docs for rippled-ws-client: same thing for rippled-ws-client-sign.

Basic example of signing and submmitting a transaction

const RippledWsClient = require('rippled-ws-client')
const RippledWsClientSign = require('rippled-ws-client-sign')

let Seed = 'sXXXXXXXXXXXXX' // (keypair supported as well)

const Transaction = {
  TransactionType: 'Payment',
  Account: 'rXXXXXXXXX..',
  Destination: 'rYYYYYYYYY..',
  DestinationTag: 1337,
  Amount: 0.25 * 1000000, // Amount in drops, so multiply (6 decimal positions)
  LastLedgerSequence: null // Null = auto detect, last + 5

new RippledWsClient('wss://').then((Connection) => {
  new RippledWsClientSign(Transaction, Seed, Connection).then((TransactionSuccess) => {
    console.log('TransactionSuccess', TransactionSuccess)
  }).catch((SignError) => {
    console.log('SignError', SignError.details) // .details ;)
}).catch((ConnectionError) => {
  console.log('ConnectionError', ConnectionError)

Note on using this with Vue Webpack

When using this code in online mode, the source will check for a valid RippledWsClient object using: === 'RippledWsClient'

The default compress / mangle configuration of the UglifyJs plugin will break this. To prevent this, modify build/ and configure the UglifyJsPlugin with the keep_fnames and keep_classnames like this:

  uglifyOptions: {
    compress: {
      warnings: false,
      keep_fnames: true,
      keep_classnames: true
    mangle: {
      keep_fnames: true,
      keep_classnames: true


This class rejects a RippledWsClientSignError-error. This error is identical to Error, but adds the .details property. In .details additional information about the Error is available (e.g. the response from the rippled-server).

The following errors (....details.type) exist:

Connectivity / Account
  • invalid_wsclient
  • subscribe_error
  • account_info_invalid
  • account_info_error
Seed / keypair
  • seed_invalid
  • keypair_invalid_keys
  • keypair_invalid_hex
  • keypair_invalid
Transaction contents
  • transaction_invalid
  • transaction_invalid_no_signed_object
  • invalid_transaction_json
  • invalid_transaction_type
  • invalid_transaction_jsonstring
Offline / Fee / Sequence requirements
  • sequence_required_offline
  • fee_required_offline
  • sequence_not_a_number
Transaction Sign / Submit / Response
  • transaction_error
  • transaction_submit_error
  • transaction_submit_non_tes_or_queued
  • sign_error


This module will ALWAYS sign locally / client-side.

Your seed / secret / Private Key will NEVER be sent accross the WebSocket / internet 🎉




npm i rippled-ws-client-sign

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