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A JavaScript API for interacting with the XRP Ledger

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  • Connect to a rippled server from Node.js or a web browser
  • Issue rippled API requests
  • Listen to events on the XRP Ledger (transaction, ledger, etc.)
  • Sign and submit transactions to the XRP Ledger

Getting Started

See also: RippleAPI Beginners Guide

You can use npm, but we recommend using yarn for the added assurance provided by yarn.lock.

Install ripple-lib:

$ yarn add ripple-lib

Then see the documentation and code samples

Running tests

  1. Clone the repository
  2. cd into the repository and install dependencies with yarn install
  3. yarn test or yarn test --coverage (istanbul will create coverage reports in coverage/lcov-report/)

Generating Documentation

The continuous integration tests require that the documentation stays up-to-date. If you make changes to the JSON schemas, fixtures, or documentation sources, you must update the documentation by running yarn run docgen.

npm may be used instead of yarn in the commands above.

More Information