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Javascript Toolkit for Game Devs. This is not a game engine but a math library. This solves writing the same math formulas over and over. Rift is similar to the Math class, it has no state and its global.


Rift supports NodeJS and every modern browser.

npm install rift


Below are some use cases of Rift.

Tile-based Games

var tileSize = 30;

.on("mousemove", function(x, y){

    var tileX = Rift.tile(x, tileSize);
    var tileY = Rift.tile(y, tileSize);

    player.x = tileX * size;
    player.y = tileY * size;


Isometric Games

var tileSize = 30;

.on("mousemove", function(x, y){

    var isoX = Rift.isoX(x, y, tileSize);
    var isoY = Rift.isoY(x, y, tileSize);

    player.x = Rift.worldIsoX(isoX, isoY, tileSize);
    player.y = Rift.worldIsoY(isoX, isoY, tileSize);


Random Helpers

var player = new Player();

// return integer number between 20 - 100
var randomGold = Rift.randomInt(20, 100);


// return random element
var randomItem = Rift.random([item1, item2]);


player.stats = {str: 10, dex: 5, vit: 4, int: 7};

// return random property
var randomStatDown = Rift.random(player.stats);

player.stats[randomStatDown] /= 2;


var player = new Player();
var monster = new Monster();

var distance = Rift.distance(player.x, player.y, monster.x, monster.y);

if(Rift.hitTest(player.x, player.y, player.width, player.height,
    monster.x, monster.y, monster.width, monster.height)){
        // we hit

Change Log


  • First release