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    The Rick and Morty API JavaScript client

    A JavaScript client for retrieving content from The Rick and Morty API.


    npm i rickmortyapi or yarn add rickmortyapi


    import { getCharacter } from 'rickmortyapi'
    // or
    import * as shlaami from 'rickmortyapi' // shlaami.getCharacter()
    // or
    const plumbus = require('rickmortyapi')
    // a Plumbus will provide you with a lifetime of better living and happiness.

    Client Reference

    Response schema

    The response for each method contains the following structure.

      // The HTTP status code from the API response
      data: {},
      // The HTTP status message from the API response
      status: 200,
      // The response that was provided by the API
      statusMessage: 'OK',


    All methods return a promise.

    Get by Id

    const rick = await getCharacter(1)
    const earth = await getLocation(1)
    const episodeOne = await getEpisode(1)

    Get by Ids

    const theSmiths = await getCharacter([ 2, 3, 4, 5 ])
    const [ earth, citadel ] = await getLocation([ 1 , 3 ])
    const s01 = await getEpisode(Array.from({ length: 11 }, (v, i) => i + 1))

    Get all

    const characters = await getCharacters()
    const locations = await getLocations()
    const episodes = await getEpisodes()


    To know more about filtering check the API documentation or the client reference.

    const aliveRicks = await getCharacters({
      name: 'rick',
      status: 'alive'
    const planets = await getLocations({
      type: 'planet',
      page: 2
    const seasonOne = await getEpisodes({
      episode: 's01'


    In methods that return a paginated response (getCharacters, getLocations and getEpisodes), you can use a page property to access different pages.

    const moreCharacters = await getCharacters({ page: 2 })

    Get endpoints

    getEndpoints(): This method will response with the available resouces, you can use it to ping the server status.


    npm i rickmortyapi

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