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A foundation library for building CoffeeScript apps

Rib consists of a collection of production-quality essential and highly useful classes, mixins and functions.

Rib is thoroughly tested using Jasmine.

Rib works both on the client (browser) and on the server (Node.js).

Rib is extremely lightweight (1.3K minified and compressed).


To use Rib with Node.js, just use npm:

sudo npm install -g rib

To use Rib on the client, just grab rib.js or rib.min.js and put it with your other JavaScript libraries.


When writing code for Node.js, you can require Rib:

rib = require "rib"

On the client, include rib.js or rib.min.js, and then you can access it through the global module rib.

If you want to target both the server and the client, you can write:

rib = if require? then require("rib") else window.rib


Rib is © 2012 Marco Pantaleoni, released under the MIT licence. Use it, fork it.