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To create a grab and go WYSIWYG editing experience that can hook into Ruby on Rails ActionText backend. Currently this package does so using TipTap but will most likely include another integration for ProseMirror to allow for both Markdown + WYSIWYG editing.

Note: This package is still in beta and is currently not recommended for production use until a 1.0 is released.



Local Development

This section is for contributing to Rhino Editor.

Getting up and running locally is hopefully quite painless. We have a test suite using Ruby on Rails and is intended to provide a good demonstration of how this package can hook into ActionText.


  • Ruby 3.1.2
  • Rails 7.0.4
  • PNPM (npm install -g pnpm)
  • Playwright
  • Node >= 16
  • Docker (Used to run a simulated S3 server)
  • Overmind (Preferred, not needed)


Run the following commands in the bash to setup dependencies:

git clone https://github.com/konnorrogers/rhino-editor
cd rhino-editor
pnpm run setup

Running the server

The easiest way to run the server is using Overmind

overmind start -f Procfile.dev

Then navigate to localhost:5100

Without Overmind

To run the server without overmind do the following in seperate terminals:

bin/vite dev --clobber
bin/rails s
docker compose up --build

Then navigate to localhost:5100

Running the test suite

Make sure to have the docker server up and running, the test suite will fail without it.

docker compose up --build
bundle exec rails test:all

Listening for changes to the package

To listen for changes, keep your rails server running and open a new terminal with the following:

pnpm run start

This will start an ESBuild watcher process. Vite in Rails will automatically pick up changes.

Adding a changelog entry

To add a changelog entry, we use https://github.com/changesets/changesets. Run the following command and then answer the prompts:

pnpm changeset

Roadmap to v1

  • [ ] - Collaboration Extension. Support collaboration!
  • [ ] - Document slots, CSS properties, Extending ActionText, and show common demo examples
  • [ ] - Create a ProseMirror base for a markdown + rich text editor
  • [ ] - Move the TipTap editor to extend the ProseMirror editor.
  • [ ] - Show how to do table editing
  • [ ] - Show how to do embeds
  • [ ] - Show how to do mentions
  • [ ] - Add testing for the basic operations bold, strike, etc.
  • [ ] - Add testing for ActionText / Trix compatibility.


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