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    ⚔️ rglk.js 🐉

    Simple library for development roguelike games, designed for training purposes. Inspired by rot.js.


    In Node.js use this command:

    npm install --save rglk


    rglk allows to build simple 2d dungeons, define field of view, search path between two points and generates pseudo random numbers.

    Dungeon 🏗️

    Object of class Dungeon can generate a random two-dimensional map consisting of walls and floors. You can decide the size of rooms, rooms amount and length of corridors between rooms. Dungeon map can be restored by seed.

    import { Dungeon } from 'rglk';
    // create a new generated dungeon
    const dungeon = new Dungeon({
      roomsAmount: 64,
      roomMinSize: 5,
      roomMaxSize: 11,
      corridorMinLength: 1,
      corridorMaxLength: 10,
      seed: 12345,
    // each call rebuilds dungeon
    // process each tile
    dungeon.forEachTile((x, y, isFloor) => {
      // ...draw wall or floor
    // check tile type (returns boolean)
    dungeon.isWall(x, y);
    dungeon.isFloor(x, y);

    createExplorer 👁️

    createExplorer returns function that allows to define 2d FOV based on raycasting algorytm.

    import { createExplorer } from 'rglk';
    const explore = createExplorer((x, y) => {
      // should return boolean depends on tile is transparent
    // get array of visible tile positions
    const fov = explore(centerX, centerY, radius, (x, y) => {
      // this callback will be executed if tile is visible

    createPathfinder 🏃

    createPathfinder returns function which works based on an algorithm A*.

    import { createPathfinder } from 'rglk';
    const findPath = createPathfinder((x, y) => {
      // should return true if tile is can be visited
    // returns Array of points
    findPath(x1, y1, x2, y2);

    createPRNG 💾

    createPRNG (Pseudo Random Number Generator) allows you to get random numbers based on the seed.

    import { createPRNG } from 'rglk';
    // two generators with same seed
    const first = createPRNG(123);
    const second = createPRNG(123);
    first() === second(); // true


    npm i rglk

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