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Tag, push, changelog, and publish your repositories with one command.


npm install rf-release
# or 
npm install rf-release -g



There are a couple gotchas I haven't spent time to smooth over. Before your first run:

  1. Ensure you have a semver style git tag in the past, otherwise the changelog script will fail.

    git checkout <some old commit>
    git tag v0.0.0
    git checkout master
  2. Make sure you've committed a blank to git. The code that creates the release commit uses git commit -am so if is a new file, it won't be included in the commit.

    git add
    git commit -m 'added changelog because ryan is lazy'

Okay, now you're ready:

# if `node_modules/.bin` is in your path
# or you installed globally:
$ release
# otherwise
$ node_modules/.bin/release

What it does

  1. prompts you for the new version
  2. updates package.json and bower.json (if they exist)
  3. commits the version updates with a simple commit message ("release {version}")
  4. creates the tag "v{version}"
  5. generates a changelog with rf-changelog
  6. pushes master and the new tag to origin
  7. publishes to npm

But I have a build step before I can tag and publish!

That's fine, just do your build first w/o committing, then run release. It'll all go in the same commit. For example, react-router's release script does this.

License and Copyright

MIT License

(c) 2014 Ryan Florence