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    rethinkdb-watch npm version

    Consume RethinkDB Changefeeds as Async Iterables


    npm install rethinkdb-watch



    import {Connection, RSelection} from 'rethinkdb-ts';
    function watch<T>(
      selection: RSelection<T>,
      connection?: Connection,
      options?: WatchOptions<T>,
    ): AsyncIterable<ReadonlyMap<string, WatchUpdate<T>>>;
    type WatchUpdate<T> =
      | {type: 'add'; oldVal?: undefined; newVal: T}
      | {type: 'change'; oldVal: T; newVal: T}
      | {type: 'remove'; oldVal: T; newVal?: undefined};

    Watch for real-time updates of query results.

    Emits updates in batches represented as Map, where key is JSON-stringified primary key, and value is the update event.

    The first emission is the initial query result.

    Subsequent updates are buffered in time window specified by options.bufferTimeMs.

    Supports querying the whole table, getAll, between and filter queries. orderBy queries are not supported and will lead to incorrect results. Can be used with pluck or map as long as options.key function is provided.

    Supported options:

    type WatchOptions<T> = {
       * Signal that aborts the watch. When aborted, the iterator throws
       * `AbortError`.
      signal?: AbortSignal;
       * The number of changes the server will buffer between client reads before it
       * starts dropping changes and generates an error. Default is 100000.
      changefeedQueueSize?: number;
       * The time window to buffer updates for. Default is 10.
      bufferTimeMs?: number;
       * A function that must return the unique key of a value. Defaults to
       * JSON-stringified primary key.
      key?: (value: T) => string;


    Async generator that emits live query states:

    import {r} from 'rethinkdb-ts';
    import {watch} from 'rethinkdb-watch';
    import {AbortSignal} from 'node-abort-controller';
    const connection = await r.connect({host, port});
    const query = r
      .filter(row => row('test'));
    async function* watchQueryState(signal: AbortSignal): AsyncGenerator<Doc[]> {
      const state = new Map<string, Doc>();
      for await (const updates of watch(query, connection, {signal})) {
        for (const [key, update] of updates) {
          if (update.newVal != null) {
            state.set(key, update.newVal);
          } else {
        yield [...state.values()];


    function consumeFeed<T>(
      feed: RFeed<T>,
      connection?: Connection,
      signal?: AbortSignal,
    ): AsyncIterable<T>;

    A simple wrapper around RethinkDB .changes() that turns it it into an Async Iterable.


    Async generator that emits live point query states:

    import {r} from 'rethinkdb-ts';
    import {consumeFeed} from 'rethinkdb-watch';
    import {AbortSignal} from 'node-abort-controller';
    const connection = await r.connect({host, port});
    const query = r.db('test').table<Doc>('test').get('test-id');
    const feed = query.changes({
      squash: true,
      includeInitial: true,
    async function* watchDocState(signal: AbortSignal): AsyncGenerator<Doc | null> {
      for await (const changes of consumeFeed(feed, connection, signal)) {
        if (changes.new_val != null) {
          yield changes.new_val;
        } else {
          yield null;


    npm i rethinkdb-watch

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