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RESTUtils Helpers JS (restutils-helpers-js)

Completely optional helper functions for use with RESTUtils Host & RESTUtils Client

NOTICE: Move to ES6 Modules

With the release of RESTUtils Helpers v0.1.0 on July 6, 2023, the project was migrated from CommonJS to ES6 Modules. The CommonJS library version was moved to this project, restutils-helpers-js, with a matching version number. The new original project, still named restutils-helpers, is now built using ES6 modules.


This optional package is designed to work with APIs and clients generated by the RESTUtils Host and RESTUtils Client utilities. Both utilities use this one under the covers and you are welcome to use it directly. Concepts such as error invocation and marshaling results are made easier by having one "helpers" library that you can use on both sides of the network.


There is no requirement to install this package to benefit from the RESTUtils Host and RESTUtils Client utilities. However, if you do want to use this package directly, unlike it's counterparts, it needs to be installed into your project...

npm i restutils-helpers


I'll add a few example snippets here once the first version is published.

Cleaner Node

Years ago I created a similar helper library, called "Cleaner Node". The goal was to create simplified shorthand for common functions to reduce the verbosity of syntax in Node projects; for example, validating objects and data types, generating UIDs, working with email addresses, and the like. Those patterns are followed here but with a bit more focus on the RESTUtils effort.


Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions, comments, or enhancement requests:

Fred Lackey

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