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    An SQLite3 back-end module for RESTBase conforming to the RESTBase storage specification.


    Firstly, install RESTBase. The SQLite back-end module should be pulled in automatically as a dependency. If you cannot find restbase-mod-table-sqlite in RESTBase's node_modules/ directory, install it using:

    npm install restbase-mod-table-sqlite

    Note: in order to successfully install the module, you are going to need the SQLite3 development headers.


    RESTBase comes pre-configured to use Cassandra as its back-end storage. In order to select SQLite, RESTBase's table module in the configuration file needs to be instructed to use this module; simply replace restbase-mod-table-cassandra with restbase-mod-table-sqlite. The table that follows lists the configuration options accepted by this module.

    Option Default Description
    dbname restbase The path to the database file
    pool_idle_timeout 10000 The amount of milliseconds a connection to the database is kept open during idle periods
    retry_delay 100 The amount of time (in ms) to wait before retrying queries when the database is locked
    retry_limit 5 The maximum number of times a query is retried
    show_sql false Whether to log queries being executed; for debugging purposes only

    All of the configuration directives are optional. Here's an example of the table module using the SQLite back-end module:

        name: restbase-mod-table-sqlite
          version: 1.0.0
          type: npm
              dbname: /var/lib/restbase/db.sqlite3
              pool_idle_timeout: 20000
              retry_delay: 250
              retry_limit: 10
              show_sql: false


    npm i restbase-mod-table-sqlite

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