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This script is used to restart MPC & SMC suppliers for all customers.

Pre-requisite :

  1) Install Node js in windows

  2) Set npm proxy:
  3) Install Browser Drivers, and config PATH in PC. Ref to:

  4) Install yarn: npm install yarn

  5) Install yarn package: yarn global add restart_all_suppliers

Command to run :

  step-1) Get latest PROD_ORG_Info_Latest.xlsx:
  step-2) Run commands: propel restartall -f xxx.xlsx
  step-3) Note: propel --help

Deal with failed Cases :

1) Collect failed cases from terminal logs. Such as:

End at : Tue Mar 28 2017 17:10:27 GMT+0800 (China Standard Time)
{ '':
   { url: '',
     account: 'xxxxxxxxxx',
     password: 'yyyyyyyyy' } }

2) Manually re-run failed cases

Main Process of this project:

1) Import Propel URL Data from Excel by extractPropelAccount module

2) Control Flow for Parallel Running

3) Restart each org one by one