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Node.js REST API Connect Util

REST API Connector

This is a utility for easy configure the rest api to a module. People who want to write a REST API node module, can use this for building one! Only config the rest url, invoke method (GET/POST/PUT/DELETE), and the field that the module will looks like, then the module help you to auto validate your input.

If you don't metter that the json string will disturb your code format. You can merge all code in single file like:

var api = require('rest-api-connector').api;
//Setup and compile the api node module
  { //define the api connection info
    API_CFG: {
      USERNAME: "your api username", //api password
      PASSWORD: "your api password", //api username
      BASE_URL: "" //api url
  { //define the api definition
    apiCall: {
      method: "GET",
      input: [
        { "name":"id", "value":"", "type":"string", "max":40, "nullable":false }
//This is where you use the api module 
api.apiCall(uuid, function(e,r,d){

If you want your user call a function that named: getUser(userid, callback) to use the api to get user. You only need to config a json like:

  getUser: {
    method: "GET",
    input: [{name:"userid", value:'', type:"string", max:40, nullable:false, skipcheck: true}],
    output: { status: ['ERROR','SUCCESS'], msg: ""}

Then the rest-api-connector will auto generate a module called: getUser(userid, callback) for you. And it will export for other js to use.

If you want to see more configurations, see: Advance Configures

  • CLI for generate the api definitions.
  • Find the way to generate configure from ExpressJS or http.createServer.