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A Riak engine to the resourceful model framework from flatiron.


resourceful-riak builds heavily on the code from the couchdb engine included in resourceful.


This is the example from resourceful, adapted to work with resourceful-riak.

  var resourceful = require('resourceful');
  var Creature = resourceful.define('creature', function () {
    // Specify a storage engine 
    this.use('riak', {
      bucket: "creatures" // bucket must always be set when using the riak engine 
    // Specify some properties with validation 
    //'diet'); // Defaults to String'vertebrate', Boolean);'belly', Array);
  // Now that the `Creature` prototype is defined 
  // we can add custom logic to be available on all instances 
  Creature.prototype.feed = function (food) {


Resourceful is a simple yet powerful model framework from the infamous heroes at nodejitsu. Sadly it didn't support Riak (which we use extensively at, so we fixed that.

API Documentation

Today, resourceful-riak support all of the creation, deletion and modifyfing methods that resourceful supply (se from resourceful for details). Going forward, we hope to implement both more advanced resourceful functionality (like filters and relationships) as well as riak-specific futures (like links and secondary indexes).


Installing npm (node package manager)

  $ curl | sh

Installing resourceful

  $ [sudo] npm install resourceful

Installing resourceful-riak

  $ [sudo] npm install resourceful-riak


All tests are written with [vows][0] and should be run with [npm][1]:

  $ npm test

Author: David Björklund

License: Apache 2.0