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Manage and reserve a range of number of numbers.

I'm mostly using this as a sort of port manager for an nginx module.

A true port manager would probably check that a port was being unused before assigning it, but this module does not do that. It assumes that all ports are allocated and deallocated using this module.


$ npm install -g reserved-numbers-cli

use it

Tell it what port range is usable:

$ reserved-numbers-cli config --minimum=4000 --maximum=5000

Then reserve a quantity of numbers (in this example 4) for some name:

$ reserved-numbers-cli reserve somename 4

Then see what numbers were allocated:

$ reserved-numbers-cli get somename

To deallocate numbers, use free and the numbers to deallocate:

$ reserved-numbers-cli free somename 4001

To list all reserved names, use list:

$ reserved-numbers-cli list
somename (3): [4000,4002,4003]


The output of the get command is run through JSON.stringify so you can grab that and JSON.parse it in some other program, if needed, e.g.

reserved-numbers-cli get somename | someapp

where data is stored

You can pass in a flag each time you run the command (probably set an alias) which will tell the program where to load the settings:

$ reserved-numbers-cli list --settingsFile=/path/to/settings.json

If you call it normally without specifying the file, it will create a new file in the home folder named .reserved-numbers.json


This module fully released under the Very Open License.