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A library of helper functions for using Reselect with a store built with Immutable objects.

This library is provided as a CommonJS module transpiled to ES5.

Convenient Selectors For Immutable Objects

This package provides two helper functions that wrap the most common Immutable methods needed in selectors: .get() and .has().


The createGetSelector utility is a wrapper around the .get() method of an Immutable object to reduce boilerplate. It takes three parameters:

  • A selector returning an Immutable object
  • A key or a selector returning a key
  • An optional default value

The simplest case is where we have a fixed key known when the selector is created. In this case we can do

const getProductTitle = createGetSelector(getProduct, 'title', '')

which is equivalent to

const getProductTitle = createSelector(
    (product) => product.get('title', '')

If instead the key is in the store, we can use something like

const getCurrentItem = createGetSelector(

which is equivalent to

const getCurrentCategory = createSelector(
    (items, index) => items.get(index)


The createHasSelector utility is a wrapper around the .has() method of an Immutable object to reduce boilerplate. It takes two parameters:

  • A selector returning an Immutable object
  • A key or a selector returning a key

So we can do something like:

const isCurrentItemValid = createHasSelector(

which is equivalent to:

const isCurrentItemValid = createSelector(
    (items, index) => items.has(index)

Converting Immutable Objects To Plain Javascript Objects

A major pitfall with using the .toJS() method of Immutable objects to create props to be passed to a React component is that it will create a new object every time it is called, even if the Immutable object itself is the same. Reselect provides a useful facility to fix this through its memoization of inputs; this library builds upon this to make efficiently passing props from an Immutable store to React components simple.


The createPropsSelector function is a selector creator that is optimized for writing mapStateToProps functions in react-redux. It takes an object with selectors for values, in the same way as createStructuredSelector in Reselect itself, but it wraps each selector in a way that ensures that its output is a plain Javascript object.

The wrapper functions use the custom equality test facility of Reselect createSelector to make sure that the object has differing contents before recalculating the selector result. With Immutable objects and the function, this is efficient. The result is that if the contents of the Immutable object in the store has not changed, the Javascript object passed as a prop does not change either.

The use of the Reselect selector directly as the mapStateToProps function unlocks a further opportunity for memoization to help with performance optimization. If none of the constituent props have changed, the mapStateToProps function returns the very same object as in the previous call. If the result is the same (using the Javascript === operator) from call to call, the react-redux connect code knows not to update the React component it wraps. Thus, using this function and an Immutable store, all connected components have optimal update policies without explicit shouldComponentUpdate methods.

A example usage of createPropsSelector is:

const mapStateToProps = createPropsSelector({
    title: getProductTitle,
    price: getProductPrice,
    images: getProductImages,
    categoryLink: getCategoryLink

where the images prop is an array and the categoryLink prop is an object. Only if the relevant portions of the Redux store change (or the component's own props do) does the connected component re-render.

This function also allows the mapStateToProps definition to echo in form the object form of the mapDispatchToProps parameter, which can improve the cleanliness and symmetry of the connection code.



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