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Creates symlinks within the node_modules directory to bypass annoying relative require paths to access deep nested files or folders.

Instead of resolving a relative path like require('../../../../config') with require-symlink its possible to automatically create a symlink to this folder require('symlink').

See Better local require() paths for Node.js for more information behind this idea.


npm install --save-dev require-symlink


Add a section requireSymlinks into your package.json file and add as many key value pairs, with key as the shortcut and a value as the path, to the file/ folder into it.

// package.json
    "requireSymlinks": {
        "symlink": "./some/folder/to/link/to"

Now execute require-link from command line to generate the links.


Its also possible to remove all symlinks by using require-link unlink.

It is recommented to add require-link into npm postinstall hook to execute it when installing other dependencies and ensure that it is available on all machines.


NPM Shrinkwrap

npm shrinkwrap does not allow symlinks in the node_modules folder and will throw an error. Its recommended to add require-link unlink to preshrinkwrap and require-link to postshrinkwrap to ensure that it will work as expected.

Please also not that preshrinkwrap and postshrinkwrap hooks are only available in npm >= v3.10.0. You can introduce a workaround by calling npm run shrinkwrap with the following script definition.

    "scripts": {
        "preshrinkwrap": "require-link unlink",
        "shrinkwrap": "npm shrinkwrap",
        "postshrinkwrap": "require-link"

Dependency Conflicts

With npm v3 its not predictable which folders will live inside your node_modules folder. As require-symlink will add a symlink into this folder it is required to not have a dependency with the same name as the symlink defined.

You may use a prefix that is uncommon for npm dependencies to be sure to not have any conflicts.

@ Prefix

The @ prefix is used by npm and will result in unintentional behavior. You should use another prefix, for example the $ sign.

Windows Usage

The library is working fine on windows. It is just required to execute the script with administration rights!


Licensed under the MIT License.

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