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require-relative is a node.js program to require and resolve modules relative to a path of your choice. It exploits node.js's own module module, and has no additional dependencies.


requiring modules relatively

var relative = require('require-relative');
var someModule = relative('./some-module', '/home/kamicane');
var somePackage = relative('some-package', '/home/kamicane');
var isTrue = relative('./some-module.js', process.cwd()) === relative('./some-module.js');

resolving filenames relatively

var relative = require('require-relative');
relative.resolve('./some-module', '/home/kamicane'); // /home/kamicane/some-module.js 
relative.resolve('some-package', '/home/kamicane'); // /home/kamicane/node_modules/some-package/index.js 
var isTrue = relative.resolve('./some-module.js', process.cwd()) === relative.resolve('./some-module.js');