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Jumps in your middleware and extends route requests with references


npm install request-extend


reqExtend([namespace,] object [, force]); Merges object's keys and values with a routes request variable, which optionally can be contained under a property of namespace. force defaults to true, and controls whether or not object values should overwrite properties already on the request variable.


javascript var express = require( 'express' ), reqExtend = require( 'request-extend' ), app = express.createServer();

var models = { user : require( './models/user' ), data : require( './models/data' ) }, config = require( './config' );

app.configure(function () { app.set( 'views', __dirname + '/views' ); app.set( 'view engine', 'jade' ); app.use( reqExtend( 'models', models )); app.use( reqExtend( 'config', config )); app.use( express.static( __dirname + '/public' )); app.use( app.router ); });

Adds `req.models.user`, `` and `req.config` to all requests in your routes.
app.get( '/users', function ( req, res, next ) {
  res.render( 'users', { users: req.models.user });


Run node tests/runTests.js from project root -- testing uses nodeunit