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A very simple high-level JSON-based messaging socket server and client.


A very simple high-level JSON-based messaging socket server and client.


var port = 9000;
var server = replier.server().on('message', function(msg, reply){
    var result;
    var array = msg.array;
    var err = null;
        case 'sum':
            result = array.reduce(function(p, c){
             return p + c;
        case 'join':
            result = array.join('');
         err = 'error!'
    reply(err, result);


var client = replier.client().connect(port, function(err){
        action: 'sum',
        array: [1, 2, 3]
    }, function(err, result){
         return console.error('error: ', err);
        console.log('the result is', result);
// the result is 6 

Checks if there's already a server listening to the given port.

  • port Number
  • callback(alive) Function
    • alive Boolean true, if the server is alive.

Creates and returns a replier server object which is an instance of replier.Server.

    port: 9000
}, replierServerCallback);

The code above is relevant to:

replier.server().listen(9000, callback);

Listens to a port.

Emitted when the server has reseived a message from the client.

Differs from normal events, this event passes a function reply parameter which is used to reply responses to the client.

  • message mixed
  • reply function(err, response) err and response will be passed to the callback of client.send(message, callback)

Emitted when the server has been bound after calling server.listen.

Emitted when the server closes. Note that if connections exist, this event is not emitted until all connections are ended.

  • Error Object

Emitted when an error occurs. The 'close' event will be called directly following this event. See example in discussion of server.listen.

Connects the client to the server.

  • data Object The data to be sent to the server
  • callback(err, serverData)
    • err mixed error information from the server
    • serverData mixed server data

Sends messages to the server, and

Close the client.

Events of net.Socket

  • 'connect'
  • 'error'
  • 'end'
  • 'data'
  • 'timeout'
  • 'close'
  • 'drain'