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Command line search and replace utility


replace is a command line utility for performing search-and-replace on files. It's similar to sed but there are a few differences:


With node.js and npm:

npm install replace -g

You can now use replace and search from the command line.

Replace all occurrences of "foo" with "bar" in files in the current directory:

replace 'foo' 'bar' *

Replace in all files in a recursive search of the current directory:

replace 'foo' 'bar' . -r

Replace only in test/file1.js and test/file2.js:

replace 'foo' 'bar' test/file1.js test/file2.js

Replace all word pairs with "_" in middle with a "-":

replace '(\w+)_(\w+)' '$1-$2' *

Replace only in files with names matching *.js:

replace 'foo' 'bar' . -r --include="*.js"

Don't replace in files with names matching *.min.js and *.py:

replace 'foo' 'bar' . -r --exclude="*.min.js,*.py"

Preview the replacements without modifying any files:

replace 'foo' 'bar' . -r --preview

See all the options:

replace -h

There's also a search command. It's like grep, but with replace's syntax.

search "setTimeout" . -r

You can use replace from your JS program:

var replace = require("replace");
  regex: "foo",
  replacement: "bar",
  paths: ['.'],
  recursive: true,
  silent: true,

By default, replace and search will exclude files (binaries, images, etc) that match patterns in the "defaultignore" located in this directory.

If replace is taking too long on a large directory, try turning on the quiet flag with -q, only including the necessary file types with --include or limiting the lines shown in a preview with -n.