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A node module that returns an array of all words in a string that are not a pronoun or generic words.

This can be used for storing just the keywords of a string in a database and not wasting space with words like 'and', 'to', 'the'... which are unlikely to be searched for in a query.


npm install remove-words --save


var removeWords =  require('remove-words');
removeWords("Today is sunny so we are going to go swimming at the seaside");
// Will return: ['today', 'sunny', 'swimming', 'seaside'] 

Removing duplicates

By default all duplicates will be removed. The second (optional) parameter is a boolean, specifiying weather of not to remove duplicates.

removeWords("Hello world hello hello", true); // ["hello", "world"] 
removeWords("Hello world hello hello", false); // ["hello", "world", "hello", "hello"] 

Using a custom word list

var names = ['jack', 'john', 'joe', 'james', 'jim']
removeWords("The winners are: Jack, John and Jim!!!", true, names)
// Will remove just all names 


  • Case insensitive
  • Handles special characters, URL's and other non standard strings
  • By default doesn't return any duplicates, but can be specified in 2nd parameter
  • Doesn't return blanks or special characters
  • Thoroughly unit tested
  • Words list is customisable, optionally pass in your own array as the third parameter


Run npm test


  • gulp build - Lints and compiles CoffeeScript
  • gulp test - Runs tests
  • gulp - Watches for changes, cleans working directory, builds and tests


MIT � Alicia Sykes