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Remote copy of folders/files using

Aim of the Tools

This tool will help you transfer the folder/files from system to system using, when you don't have access/restricted permission of ftp, scp(secure copy)


npm install remotecp -g

How to transfer?

This tool have behave either server or client

Server - By default 3131 port will open and receive for folders/files

Client - Use to upload give file/folder path.


  -s, --server        Start receive file server
  -d, --dpath string  Destination folder path
  -f, --fpath string  Upload file/folder path
  -h, --host string   default server hostname is localhost
  -p, --port number   default server port number is 3131
  -r, --resume        resume file/folder upload


$remotecp --server [--dpath <destination folder path>]

Client - upload file/folder

$remotecp  --fpath <folder/file path> [--host <hostname> --port <portnumber>]

If upload files not completed or socket disconnected, again you can continue the upload with few conditions

  • upload path should be same with previously mentioned.
  • In server side, uploaded folder/files are should not be deleted.
$remotecp  --resume --fpath <folder/file path> [--host <hostname> --port <portnumber>]

Release History

0.0.2 Initial release