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Secure build server to remotely build, run and debug apps. It sets up a webserver, and handles secure communication/authentication from the client. It loads other modules such as taco-remote to provide actual functionality.

remotebuild is an extensible server implementation which can support different project types to build mobile apps. By default, it supports taco-remote agent which allows to remotely build, run, and debug iOS apps created using Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova.

Requirements for iOS

To build and run iOS apps on the iOS Simulator or on an iOS device, you must install and configure the remote build, on a Mac computer that meets the following requirements -

  1. Mac OS X Mavericks
  2. Xcode 6
  3. Xcode command-line tools (from Terminal app, use xcode-select --install)
  4. Node.js
  5. Git command line tools, if you are using a CLI from a Git repository. If the CLI version is pointed to a Git location, Git is required to build the app for iOS.

You must also have the following:

  1. An active iOS Developer Program account with Apple
  2. An iOS provisioning profile configured in Xcode (download the provisioning profile and run the downloaded *.cer file). Please read Maintaining your signing identities and certificates for detailed information.
  3. A signing identity configured in Xcode

Download and install the remote build agent

From the Terminal app on your Mac, type:

sudo npm install -g remotebuild

The global installation (-g) switch is recommended but not required.

Start remotebuild in secure mode (default)

remotebuild [start]

Start remotebuild in non-secure mode (using simple HTTP based connections)

remotebuild --secure false

Generate a new security PIN

remotebuild certificates generate

Generate a new server certificate

remotebuild certificates reset
When prompted, type "Y" and then type Enter

remotebuild certificates generate

List of all available commands

remotebuild --help

Verify remotebuild configuration

  1. Run:
remotebuild test [options]

This command initiates a test build. The output from the command should show the build number and other information about the build, such as its progress.

  1. To verify that your signing identity is set up correctly for device builds, type:
remotebuild test [options] --device

Configure remote build with VS Tools for Apache Cordova

Please refer to User Documentation for instructions on how to configure the remote build with Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova.

Known Issues

See Known issues for known issues and workarounds.

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