Re[dis]Mo[ngo] queue manager


Save data from memory to disk for async/background/slow tasks.

How to use the package? See this implementation.

var remo = require('remo');
var message = { .... };
remo.pool(message, function(){ ... });

Message must contain the 'action'. See attempt actions.

Configure your queues and defaults:

# conf.json 
"input"  : "db:mongo:input"   # All input queries 
"retry"  : "db:mongo:retry"   # Queries not processed 
"output" : "db:mongo:output"  # Output for 'find' 
"errors" : "db:mongo:errors"  # Logging errors 
"results""db:mongo:results" # Logging results 

Follow the step by step guide for massive queries.

var redis = require('redis');
var pub = redis.createClient();
var message = conf.defaults;
message.doc = {version: 1, module: 'readme'};
message.action = 'insert';
pub.rpush(['db:mongo:input', JSON.stringify(message)], function(){});
# gulp and jshint 
npm install gulp gulp-jshint -g; gulp;
# mocha for tests 
npm install mocha -g; mocha;
# coverage 
make cov