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This is a simple wrapper around a module that allows it to be reloaded on signals, which is particularly useful when using a module for configuration.


// config.js
module.exports = {
  someService: {
    username: 'stephen'
    password: 'blahblah'

// app.js
var config = require('reloadable')(__dirname + '/config', {
  signal: 'SIGHUP',
  // This is the default error handler, override it if you need more.
  exposeReload: true
  error: function(err, path) {
    console.error(path, err)

var client = require('./service-client')(config)


npm install reloadable


require('reloadable') returns a function that takes a module path and an options object. The path will be passed to require unmodified inside the reloadable module, so it should not be relative.

The options object can be omitted, or contain any of the following keys:

  • signal - If given, the configuration reload function will be called when the process recieves the given signal.
  • *exposeReload - If true, the reload function will be assigned to .reload on the returned object. Caution, this will hide any existing property named 'reload' your object might have.
  • error - A function that will be called with (err, path) if an exception is thrown while reloading the module. The default prints the path and error to stderr.