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    This is an auxiliary tool to manage secrets in AWS Secrets Manager

    It fetches the latest version of a secret and stores it locally to be edited.

    The secrets can also be updated via the tool. The tool assumes the secrets are in JSON form, and performs validation before uploading. This avoids common errors when editing secrets directly in the AWS console.

    Do not update the secrets by AWS Console it is prone to errors!

    This tool automatically adds to the .gitignore an .secrets to avoid pushing the folder to GIT


    You must have NodeJS 8 or superior installed on your machine.

    The commands are:

    Fetching secrets

    npx reliquary --fetch-secrets -n <secret-name>

    Fetching secrets with different region

    npx reliquary --fetch-secrets -n <secret-name> -r <region>

    Updating secrets by reading an local file

    npx reliquary --update-secrets -n <secret-name> -p <path>

    Listing versions of stored secrets, exhibits by default the last 10 records

    npx reliquary --list-secrets

    This should return something like this:

    { Versions: 
       [ { VersionId: '1d7ea461-066d-4e78-9c97-ccbbf27ba660',
           LastAccessedDate: '2019 - 05 - 13 T00: 00: 00.000 Z',
           CreatedDate: '2019 - 05 - 13 T13: 36: 40.566 Z' } ],
      NextToken: 'AAGWzGu7c3fnjy994XFY80EKjACAkQA3jPXB5sokoh0+PEQgQ+UY7OiiU0yt2WIfHhNLenRUW7cy1X+okG6qkgsEBvqO3kxmm7tzq+awLyWUPVF4wbmXVYdxYHXyiMMzGlR884DfhX3uYJU35BAAAXTkB6pAu5c2U71zGAskNco34Ev1O7GBIPqV56qjBXpWp1n6AAIUDPxgdfz2CkzbN21ZPO48aHkA4OTAyZmriB26wTerot72pgLSS6ze+3RZzk0BdFU/jmXO54g3b/GQetQKBD2X2CCvUfu6zo92gaar',
      ARN: 'arn:aws:secretsmanager:<region>:<account-id>:secret:<secret-name>',
      Name: 'example' }

    Check the CreatedDate and with the VersionId in hands, you can do the rollback with:

    npx reliquary --rollback-secrets -n <secret-name> -i 5617687a-763b-4301-bb23-bda7dd49c3fe

    CLI Options

    -f, --fetch-secrets

    Operation to fetch the secrets

    The "AWSCURRENT" version is downloaded and stored at .secrets/current.json

    -u, --update-secrets

    Operation to update the secrets

    A local backup is stored at .secrets/<secret-version-id>.json. The contents of .secrets/current.json are then uploaded to AWS.

    -r, --region [value]

    Parameter to set AWS Region, it is optional and defaults to us-east-1

    -n, --secret-name [value]

    The secret name on Secrets Manager

    -p, --secret-path [value]

    The secret file path containing the value of the secrets, this is required when using update

    -v --verbose

    The log is output in debug mode, with more information

    -i --secret-version-id [value]

    The secret version id, use list to show possible values, when using rollback this is required




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