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Rapidly release projects on the command line.


This project is being worked on. What follows is a spec.


npm install release_


Humans should be able to confidently release project iterations using one familiar interface regardless of their version-control or packaging system of choice.

While release is created upon the nodejs platform its system-agnostic goals may be ported to a more neutral platform in the future (e.g. shell scripts). node was chosen because it is currently the author's most proficient environment but also because node has a vibrant full-stack community using multiple packaging systems, and a unix-like mentality of authoring many small focused modules; this is fertil soil to plant release.


release uses drivers to support many version-control and packaging systems. More can be added via cli plugins.

release decides upon the systems in use by detecting key files and folders in cwd. For instance given a cwd containing


release will decide that:

  • version-control system git is being used.
  • packaging system npmjs is being used.
  • packaging system componentjs is being used.

Then release employs the respective drivers for each system bridging their disparate interfaces to release's.

Defaults can be customized in .release.(yml|json) which will be searched for in cwd, then recursively until /. Config files closer to cwd override ones further away. CLI-flags will override config file defaults.


- hook: pre: release

- hook: pre: validate
  - validate: version numbers' correctness
  - validate: manifest files' correctness
  - validate: version-control system in correct state
- hook: post: validate

- hook: pre: increment
  - increment: versison numbers in package system manifest files
- hook: post: increment

- hook: pre: commit
  - commit manifest file(s)
  - tag commit node with version
- hook: post: commit

- hook: pre: push
  - push to remote origin
- hook: post: push

- hook: pre: publish
  - publish to applicable package registr(y|ies)
- hook: post: publish

- hook: post: release

Things it does well:

  • Use semvar
  • Update Manifest files:
    • component's component.json
    • npm's package.json
    • bower's bower.json
  • Registry publishing
  • VCS commit:
    • git
  • Extendable

Things it could do well (ideas):

  • Summarize release changes in a changelog hook:post:increment
  • ... please fork and contribute

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