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Native RegExp compatible regular expressions for JavaScript. Patterns may be composed of subexpressions and multiple expressions may be combined into a single expression.


Regex may be installed on node.js via the node package manager using the command npm install regex.

You may also install it on RingoJS using the command ringo-admin install aaditmshah/regex.

You may install it as a component for web apps using the command component install aaditmshah/regex.


The Regex constructor is compatible with the native RegExp constructor. You may pass it a regexp object or a source string:

var Regex = require("regex");
var regex = new Regex(/(a|b)*abb/);


Like the native RegExp constructor instances of Regex have the following methods:


The test method is used to simply test whether a string matches the regex pattern:

regex.test("abb");   // true 
regex.test("aabb");  // true 
regex.test("babb");  // true 
regex.test("aaabb"); // true 
regex.test("ababb"); // true 
regex.test("abba");  // false 
regex.test("cabb");  // false 


The Regex constructor currently supports the following regex operations:

  1. Concatenation
  2. Alternation
  3. Grouping
  4. Closure


The following changes were made in this version of Regex:


  • Supports basic regex operations - concatenation, alternation, grouping and closure. No support for pattern composition or combining subexpressions yet.