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Reflecta Monster Moto

Reflecta Monster Moto exposes commands to allow a host to control a Sparkfun Monster Moto Shield over the Arduino's USB or UART (Serial) port.

The commands exposed are:

  • Drive (power0, power1): Turn on the motors using power levels from -255 to 255
  • BrakeGround: Coast to a stop
  • BrakeVcc: Hard brake using battery power to halt the drive shafts
  • ReadCurrent: Read the current consumed by the motors

Installing to Arduino

To install this library, upload sketch ReflectaMonsterMoto to your Arduino. Note that you must first install the Reflecta Arduino libraries.

Calling from NodeJS

To call this library, use the node-reflecta library which can be installed using npm:

npm install reflecta

A simple example is:

var reflecta = require('reflecta');
reflecta.detect(function(error, boards, ports) {
  // Choose the first board found 
  var board = boards[0];, 75);

A simple example can be found in the node-reflecta project.

Future Work

  • Add error checking for power levels
  • Add nodejs sample program that translatest joystick -> drive commands