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Safely stringify & parse circular references to & from JSON using JSON pointers


var refify = require('refify');
var o = {};
o.circular = o;
refify(o)                           //=> {circular: {$ref: "#/"}} 
refify.stringify(o)                 //=> '{"circular":{"$ref":"#/"}}' 
refify.parse('{"o":{"$ref":"#/"}}') //=> {circular: [Circular]} 

This module allows you to safely JSON.stringify objects with circular references. Circular references are replaced with document-relative JSON references. This provides a clear and unambiguous encoding that is already supported by other tools.

Refify uses a universal module definition, this means you can load it using whatever module system you like: CommonJS, AMD, or none at all.

If there is no module loader detected (e.g. you just have a plain <script src="refify.js"></script> in your HTML), refify will be defined globally.