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JavaScript Refactoring Tools

Collection of the JavaScript static and dynamic analysis tools suitable for code refactoring or other uses.

List of tools

  • Instrumenter – Instruments every function to measure execution performance at runtime.


You may prefer to install refactoring tools globally and use them from shell or install locally to use from npm scripts or your code.

To install globally run:

# may require sudo priveleges 
npm install -g refactoring

To install locally for project run:

npm install refactoring --save-dev


Binaries exported from the package has unique js- prefix to avoid possible conflicts with system-wide executables.
To list particular tool options and usage information use -h flag.

Here is detailed overview for every tool.


Command: js-instrument
Basic usage: js-instrument -o /path/to/output.js -c /path/to/inst.js input.js

Instrumenter tool takes input file with your code, instruments it with client instructions and places output to path specified by -o or --output option.

You need to include client file in your project as well to handle added instructions. To use default instrumenter client pass the option -c or --client with path where to place client's file. Note that the client script should be included before the instrumented script on the page.

When using default client it will export window.inst object. Use window.inst.result() method to see current statistics.