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A super simple redux package (providing middleware and a reducer) to keep track of navigator online-offline status.

How do I get this?


yarn add redux-if-offline
# if you don't have yarn
npm install redux-if-offline

Cool how do I use it

When you set up your redux store, make sure you add our middleware (and reducer) to it

const { createStore, applyMiddleware, combineReducers } = require('redux')
const { OfflineMiddleware, OfflineReducer } = require('redux-if-offline')
const store = createStore(
    ...reducers,                  // Your reducers
    reduxOffline: OfflineReducer  // Optional
  applyMiddleware( OfflineMiddleware )

Alright, I set it up. What does it do

OfflineMiddleware is pretty straightforward

As soon as your redux store is setup, it'll dispatch an event with one of these types:

@@redux-if-offline/INIT/CONNECTED OR @@redux-if-offline/INIT/DISCONNECTED

While a user is using your app, if their internet connection ever disconnects, an action with one of these types is dispatched:

@@redux-if-offline/CONNECTED OR @@redux-if-offline/DISCONNECTED

You can have your own reducers catch these actions and update your state :)

However, to make it easier, you can use the OfflineReducer. It automatically matches on these types and sets a single boolean offline to be true or false:

In the exampe code above

reduxOffline: OfflineReducer

will automatically set reduxOffline.offline to be true or false accordingly

Example of using the reducer

store.subscribe( () => {
    console.log("I'm Offline")
    console.log("I'm Online!")

With React

import React from 'react'
import { connect } from 'react-redux'
class OfflineIndicator extends React.Component {
    return (this.props.state.reduxOffline.offline ? <div>You are currently offline. All messages sent will be cached and sent when you reconnect.</div> : null)
export default connect()(OfflineIndicator)

Why this package?

Well, checking if a browser is offline/online is rather simple (except for the cross-browser issues) and is non-business logic related code. As someone who strongly believes in the path of using the redux pattern in apps to only write business-logic code, and abstract everyting else away to middleware (for side-effects and such), this package is pretty important.

Moreover, the examples here don't do justice to the potential on top of a library this simple. There are a lot of things that can be done by checking the the browser is currently online/offline (indicators, caching API calls, alternative UI elements, etc.)




npm i redux-if-offline

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