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Redux DevTools Dock Monitor

A resizable and movable dock for Redux DevTools.
Powered by React Dock.


yarn add redux-devtools-dock-monitor


Wrap any other Redux DevTools monitor in DockMonitor to make it dockable to different screen edges. For example, you can use it together with LogMonitor:

import React from 'react';
import { createDevTools } from 'redux-devtools';
import LogMonitor from 'redux-devtools-log-monitor';
import SliderMonitor from 'redux-slider-monitor';
import DockMonitor from 'redux-devtools-dock-monitor';
export default createDevTools(
    <LogMonitor />
    <SliderMonitor />

Read how to start using Redux DevTools.

Multiple Monitors

You can put more than one monitor inside <DockMonitor>. There will still be a single dock, but you will be able to switch between different monitors by pressing a key specified as changeMonitorKey prop.


Name Description
children Any valid Redux DevTools monitor. Required.
toggleVisibilityKey A key or a key combination that toggles the dock visibility. Must be recognizable by parse-key (for example, 'ctrl-h'). Required.
changePositionKey A key or a key combination that toggles the dock position. Must be recognizable by parse-key (for example, 'ctrl-w'). Required.
changeMonitorKey A key or a key combination that switches the currently visible monitor. Must be recognizable by parse-key (for example, 'ctrl-m'). Required if you use more than one monitor.
fluid When true, the dock size is a fraction of the window size, fixed otherwise. Optional. By default set to true.
defaultSize Size of the dock. When fluid is true, a float (0.5 means half the window size). When fluid is false, a width in pixels. Optional. By default set to 0.3 (3/10th of the window size).
defaultPosition Where the dock appears on the screen. Valid values: 'left', 'top', 'right', 'bottom'. Optional. By default set to 'right'.
defaultIsVisible Defines whether dock should be open by default. A value of true means that it's open when the page/app loads.

The current size and the position are persisted between sessions with persistState() enhancer from Redux DevTools.



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