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This package has been deprecated


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Reduce Image Tool


Reduce Image Tool optimizes image files at the expense of resolution and quality. The goal is to produce images barely tolerable for mobile web browsing.


reduce-image --source-path PATH --dest-path PATH [--max-width WIDTH] [--max-height HEIGHT] \
    [--min-size-reduction 0-100] [--quality 0-100] [--flexible-format] \
    [--force-direct-color-output-format gif|jpg|png|webp] \
    [--force-indexed-color-output-format gif|jpg|png|webp] \
    [--direct-color-bit-depth 1|2|4|8|15|16|18|24] [--indexed-color-bit-depth 1-8] \
    [--jpeg-blur 0.1-100] [--force-png-to-indexed] [--force-png-to-jpg] \
    [--recursive] [--verbose]


Option Description
--dest-path PATH Save processed images to PATH
--direct-color-bit-depth DEPTH Reduce/quantize colors of direct color images to DEPTH bits (1, 2, 4, 8, 15, 16, 18, 24)
--flexibleFormat If specified, allow output file to be saved in different format if it produces a smaller file
--force-direct-color-output-format FORMAT Save all direct color images in FORMAT format (gif, jpg, png, webp)
--force-indexed-color-output-format FORMAT Save all indexed color images in FORMAT format (gif, jpg, png, webp)
--force-png-to-indexed If specified, convert all PNG files into indexed color depth
--force-png-to-jpg If specified, convert all direct color PNG files to JPGs
--indexed-color-bit-depth DEPTH Reduce/quantize indexed color images to DEPTH bits (1-8)
--jpeg-blur BLUR Blur jpeg images before compression for better compression ratio (0.1-100)
--max-height HEIGHT Limit image height to HEIGHT pixels; resize implied
--max-width WIDTH Limit image width to WIDTH pixels; resize implied
--min-size-reduction PERCENT Always reduce image size at least PERCENT percent (0-100), even for images which size is within maxWidth and maxHeight boundaries
--quality QUALITY Set default compression quality to QUALITY (0-100; 0 - worst, 100 - best)
--source-path PATH Read images from PATH
--recursive Scan source-path recursively
--verbose Output more

How It Works

Reduce Image Tool iterates recursively through the files and subdirectories in sourcePath, resizing and recompressing any image it can find, and saving the resulting images to destPath.

Supported Formats

  • PNG
  • GIF
  • JPG
  • WEBP
  • SVG

Exit Codes

On successful run, exit code 0 is returned. Otherwise, exit code 1 is used.


BSD 3-clause License

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