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Redouter is a library of functions that support an opinion of how universal web applications should be implemented using React, Redux and react-router.

This is essentially a work of original research, and as such it will remain versioned under 0.x until I determine that it works well enough in various scenarios.

For more details on the various APIs, click here.


Since this relies heavily on a specific combination of libraries, react, react-router and redux are declared as peerDependencies. Make sure your app already declares the abovementioned as normal dependencies.


Much ado has been written and said about React, a view library that promotes unidirectional data flow (via Flux architecture) and provides a universal view rendering mechanism.

For all its merits, React is ultimately just a view library, which has led to a proliferation of potpourris of libraries to form a complete MVC framework.

One of the more popular combinations uses React, Redux and React Router. However, examples are few and, in my opinion, more complicated than they need to be.

I decided to approach the entire universal conundrum from a radically different angle, one which some might view as a step backwards - to implement dumb components almost universally and shift all universal logic server-side.


I needed a word that represented the combination of all three libraries (react, redux and react-router) which

  1. didn't already exist
  2. was easily recognizable as related to React

After mucking around with word combinations I discovered redouter is an actual word, a French word that means "to fear". Not the best representation, but it will do for now. I don't have high hopes, but perhaps some day this will be a redoubtable framework that powers universal applications.


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