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How to install

npm install redisp --save

redisp is a connection factory for redis with a built-in support for pooling.

How to use

var pool = require('redisp')();
//creates a dedicated client connection 
pool.create(function(err, conn) {
//retrieves a client connection from the pool 
pool.borrow(function(err, conn) {
  //operations here 
  conn.release(); //return this client connection into the pool 


var pool = require('redisp')(opts);

List of available options:

  • host: host to connect redis on (
  • port: port to connect redis on (6379)
  • password: password used in authentication ('')
  • maxConnections: maximum number of connections that can be held in the connection pool. If maxConnections is reached, new calls to pool.borrow will be blocked until a client connection is released.

All other options are the same as in redis.