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Redis Simple RPC

This is a very simple rpc client / server using Redis lists. It suports async callbacks and streaming.

  • It is not fault tolerant
  • It is not production ready
  • It probably works fine for simple cases

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Both the client and worker for node.js use proxy objects, making them as easy to use as local functions.

Defining a worker:

redisConnection = {
	host: '',
	port: 1234
	options: {}
new Worker(namespace, redisConnection);


var Worker = require('redis-simple-rpc').Worker,
	calc = new Worker('calc');

calc.add = function (a, b, cb) {
	cb(null, a + b);

Defining a client:

new Client(namespace, clientId, redisConnection, timeout);


var Client = require('redis-simple-rpc').Client,
	calc = new Client('calc');

calc.add(1, 2, function (err, answer) {
	if (err) {
		throw err;
	assert.equal(1 + 2, answer);

Redis Errors

The node redis driver will throw an exception if a client does not have any listeners on error. Each client or worker has two redis clients.

var Client = require('redis-simple-rpc').Client,
		calc = new Client('calc'),

logError = function () {
	return console.error.apply(console, arguments);

calc.clients.sender.on('error', logError);
calc.clients.receiver.on('error', logError);


  1. Add clients / workers for other languages
  2. Use brpoplpush and Redis slaves for fault tolerance
  3. Capacity awareness