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Fork of node_redis_lua by shirro

Patch redis script commands into node-redis prototype.


npm install redis-lua2


First attach redis-lua to node_redis:

redis = require('redis');

Then define some scripts (scripts may take an unlimited number of arguments):

redis.lua('myset', 'return"set", KEYS[1], KEYS[2])');

If the last parameter is set to true the command result will be converted to a JavaScript object literal:

redis.lua('hashtest, 0, 'return"hgetall", "something")', true);

Finally create a redis client and call the script like a regular redis command:

r = redis.createClient();
r.myset(2, 'testing', 'surprise', redis.print);

Note: 2 is the number of keys that the script will receive. Arrays are also supported:

var args = ['testing', 'surprise']
,   r = redis.createClient();
r.myset(args.length, args, function(err, res){console.log(arguments)});

The lua script will be passed by eval the first time and subsequent calls by evalsha.