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Redis Web Interface

A Web Interface for Redis - The goal for this app provides a couchdb-futon like web interface. Currenty, this is pretty much an alpha version, but it could become useable over time. :-)


Redis Server and commands

brew install redis

NodeJS and npm


// install
$ npm install redis-futon -g

// upgrade
$ npm update redis-futon -g

// uninstall 
$ npm uninstall redis-futon -g

Start & Use

$ redis-futon [5985]
$ open http://localhost:5985

Dev Tools

  • Redis
  • AngularJS
  • NodeJS
  • CoffeeScript

How to start

when redis is running already

./bin/redis-futon 5985


node index.js 5985

with redis-server (when there is no running redis)

foreman start