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a redis client connection pool


A node.js connection pool for Redis.

node-redis-connection-pool is a high-level redis management object. It manages a number of connections in a pool, using them as needed and keeping all aspects of releasing active connections internal to the object, so the user does not need to worry about forgotten connections leaking resources.

npm install redis-connection-pool
var redisPool = require('redis-connection-pool')('myRedisPool', {
    host: '', // default 
    port: 6379, //default 
    max_clients: 30, // defalut 
    perform_checks: false, // checks for needed push/pop functionality 
    database: 0, // database number to use 
    options: {
      auth_pass: 'password'
    } //options for createClient of node-redis, optional 
redisPool.set('test-key', 'foobar', function (err) {
  redisPool.get('test-key', function (err, reply) {
    console.log(reply); // 'foobar' 
  • get
get(key, cb)
  • set
set(key, value, callback)
  • expire
expire(key, value, callback)
  • del
del(key, callback)
  • hget
hget(key, field, callback)
  • hgetall
hgetall(key, callback)
  • hset
hset(key, field, value, callback)
  • hdel
hdel(key, [fields], callback)
  • brpop
brpop(key, cb)
  • blpop
blpop(key, cb)
  • rpush
rpush(key, value, callback)
  • lpush
lpush(key, value, callback)

node-redis-connection-pool uses NaturalDocs to generate API documentation, which can be viewed after cloning the repository, in the doc/ directory, using a web browser.