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Easy verifier for google reCAPTCHA version 2 for Node.js

Documents :


You need to receive Site Key and Secret Key for your domain from :

after that add this code to your html :

<script src=''></script>

How to initialize :

recaptcha=new reCAPTCHA({

Config details :

Config of main class is a javascript object and attributes are :

siteKey : your Site Key from google
secretKey : your Secret Key from google
ssl : use https to access google api ( boolean - default : true )

How to verify captcha key :

reCAPTCHA2 use Promises to validate captch , you can easily use following methods to verify captchas :

  • please mention on catch , library passes error codes from google which you can translate with translateErrors method


  // validated and secure
  // invalid
  console.log(recaptcha.translateErrors(errorCodes));// translate error codes to human readable text

you can also pass remoteip to validate method after key , for more information please read reCAPTCHA manual about remoteip .

For Express (you need body-parser) :

function submitForm(req,res){
    // validated and secure
    // invalid
    res.json({formSubmit:false,errors:recaptcha.translateErrors(errorCodes)});// translate error codes to human readable text

Form Element:

recaptcha.formElement() returns standard form element for reCAPTCHA which you should include in end of your html form element

you can also set class name like recaptcha.formElement('custom-class-for-recaptcha')


Please see the file.