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Parse a package specifier, peeking at the disk to differentiate between local tarballs, directories and named modules. This implements the logic used by npm install and npm cache to determine where to get packages from.

var realizePackageSpecifier = require("realize-package-specifier")
realizePackageSpecifier("foo.tar.gz", ".", function (err, package) {


  • realizePackageSpecifier(spec, [where,] callback)

Parses spec using npm-package-arg and then uses stat to check to see if it refers to a local tarball or package directory. Stats are done relative to where. If it does then the local module is loaded. If it doesn't then target is left as a remote package specifier. Package directories are recognized by the presence of a package.json in them.

spec -- a package specifier, like: foo@1.2, or foo@user/foo, or, or git+

where (optional, default: .) -- The directory in which we should look for local tarballs or package directories.

callback function(err, result) -- Called once we've determined what kind of specifier this is. The result object will be very like the one returned by npm-package-arg except with three differences: 1) There's a new type of directory. 2) The local type only refers to tarballs. 2) For all local and directory type results spec will contain the full path of the local package.

Result Object

The full definition of the result object is:

  • name - If known, the name field expected in the resulting pkg.
  • type - One of the following strings:
    • git - A git repo
    • hosted - A hosted project, from github, bitbucket or gitlab. Originally either a full url pointing at one of these services or a shorthand like user/project or github:user/project for github or bitbucket:user/project for bitbucket.
    • tag - A tagged version, like "foo@latest"
    • version - A specific version number, like "foo@1.2.3"
    • range - A version range, like "foo@2.x"
    • local - A local file path
    • directory - A local package directory
    • remote - An http url (presumably to a tgz)
  • spec - The "thing". URL, the range, git repo, etc.
  • hosted - If type=hosted this will be an object with the following keys:
    • type - github, bitbucket or gitlab
    • ssh - The ssh path for this git repo
    • sshurl - The ssh URL for this git repo
    • https - The HTTPS URL for this git repo
    • directUrl - The URL for the package.json in this git repo
  • raw - The original un-modified string that was provided.
  • rawSpec - The part after the name@..., as it was originally provided.
  • scope - If a name is something like @org/module then the scope field will be set to org. If it doesn't have a scoped name, then scope is null.




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