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Real Estate Finance Formulas/Calculations

I urge you to look at the repo and specifically the underlying index.js file and see if you need to edit some code to get the data formatted in another way.

Note: I took out the console logs so it only returns a value. If you would like to console log the return value, just wrap a console log around the function

Note: if any of the arguments are irrelevant just place a 0 in it's proper place. It must still be there or else the function will throw an error

npm install --save real-estate-finance

import * as refin from 'real-estate-finance' || const refin = require('real-estate-finance');

Functions Available

  • All inputs are meant to be in their specifc order listed below and all inputs are meant to be Numbers, not Strings or Floats!

  • annualGrossPotentialIncome refin.annualGrossPotentialIncome(expectedMonthlyRentIncome)

  • netOperatingIncome refin.netOperatingIncome( monthlyIncome, vacancies, nonPayments, taxes, mortgageInterest, marketing, advertising, management, legal, accounting, utilities, repairs, maintenance, acquisition, sale_costs )

  • grossRentalMultiplier refin.grossRentalMultiplier(marketValue, annualGrossPotentialIncome)

  • estimatedPropertyValueByGRM refin.estimatedPropertyValueByGRM(grossRentalMultiplier, annualIncome)

  • grossOperatingIncome refin.grossOperatingIncome(monthlyIncome, estimatedLossPercentage);

  • capitalizationRate refin.capitalizationRate( monthlyIncome, vacancies, nonPayments, taxes, marketing, advertising, management, legal, accouting, utilities, repairs, maintenance, acquisition, sale_costs, sale_earned )

  • estimatedPropertyValueByCapRate refin.estimatedPropertyValueByCapRate( netOperatingIncome, capitalizationRate )

  • cashFlowBeforeTaxes refin.cashFlowBeforeTaxes( netOperatingIncome, interestRate, loanPrinciple, capitalExpenditures, capitalExpenditureLoans, earnedInterest )

  • cashFlowAfterTaxes refin.cashFlowAfterTaxes( cashFlowBeforeTaxes, stateIncomeTax, federalIncomeTax )

  • breakEvenRatio refin.breakEvenRatio( interestRate, loanPrinciple, marketing, advertising, management, legal, accounting, utilities, repairs, maintenance, grossOperatingIncome )

  • returnOnEquity refin.returnOnEquity( cashFlowAfterTaxes, principleInvested )


npm i real-estate-finance

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