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    WARNING: The react4xp packages have been moved to @enonic/react4xp. There are breaking changes, follow the upgrade documentation.


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    Supplies a JS file intended to run through the react4xp server-side rendering engine, polyfilling nashorn with a set of JS functionality needed to render react on the server side. Also supplies a webpack config for compiling this JS file to the location expected by the react4xp runtime.

    Groundwork is laid here for developers to add more nashorn polyfilling code, which should automatically be added to the SSR engine. This needs more testing, might work or not - for now, regard it as a future feature.


    Not really intended for separate installation or use! Part of the react4xp NPM bundle. Better start with the React4xp introduction.


    The webpack config takes one or more CLI arguments. These are one the form of --env X=Y, where X is any of the _ capital-letter_ keys below (X is the parameter name, Y is the value, usually a string - but if it's an object then Y is expected to be a valid JSON string)

    The usual caveat about these parameters: these are among a set of working default values that come from react4xp-buildconstants, where all the parameters have the same name as below (and are better described!). The values can be changed as parameters to react4xp-runtime-nashornpolyfills, but apart from the mandatory REACT4XP_CONFIG_FILE, it's recommended to override these parameters in react4xp-buildconstants instead. Use the same-name input parameters there. That will affect the general config file instead of only this package's behavior, the rest is handled for you (as long as you use the gradle setup from the starter, see for example the gradle-basic-setup section in the README of lib-react4xp).


    See the caveat above, but if you want to override any parameters locally to this package, these are:

    • REACT4XP_CONFIG_FILE: mandatory webpack CLI argument: the name of a shared general react4xp config file.

    • BUILD_R4X: absolute path to target folder into which the nashorn-polyfills assets will be compiled along with other react4xp assets - and where the runtime will be looking for them.

    • NASHORNPOLYFILLS_SOURCE: the nashornpolyfills package supplies a standard polyfills setup. But with this parameter you can point to an uncompiled source file with additional polyfill code. Path with file name and extension, relative to the root project.

    • NASHORNPOLYFILLS_FILENAME: name of compiled output file for the additional nashorn polyfilling. No path or file extension, only file name.




    npm i react4xp-runtime-nashornpolyfills

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