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    npm install react-zoom-override-hoc


    Below is an over-simplified example which illustrates pertinant usage of the HOC.

    import React from 'react'
    import { withZoomOverride } from 'react-zoom-override-hoc';
    function FancyImageViewer ({ ...props }) {
        return (/* your sparkling masterpiece */)
    const ZoomableImage = withZoomOverride(FancyImageViewer);
    component App extends React.Component {
         * This type of event will be triggered
         * when the Zoomable Image's outer 
         * container has focus only, and on 
         * detection of user input for zoom
        onZoomForImage = ({ delta })=> {
            if(delta > 0) {
                    // zooming in 
            } else {
                    // zooming out
        render () {
            return (

    withZoomOverride Interface Props

    onZoomChange(options) when a zoom event is detected, this is triggered with delta in an options argument signifying the level of change in in Y axis for a MouseWheel axis, or default value of 10/-10 for up/down key presses.

    [Currently only supports mousewheel/touch pad as component is super early/WIP]

    zoomContainerClass className for outer container. Can also accept classes.zoomContainerClass if you are already using a JSS interface.

    [This may change to simply component's outer child]

    Important Note

    This is currently W.I.P. for supporting a new project on my own time. It is placed bere to dogfood it directly from NPM.

    Functionality will definitely be expanded upon and better documentation added as I revisit. Things are currently being tested in Chrome and Firefox on Windows 10. If you are using this or even not satisfied with it, please be great and submit any issues/feedback.

    Also (with the guidance of common sense/consideration), feel free to PR if you would like to contribute. Contributions always welcome 🙃


    npm i react-zoom-override-hoc

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