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React modal which is dead simple, semantic, flexible.



  • transports modal content into a new React component and appends it to the document.body (creates a new independent React tree)
  • automatically resize modal to fit your screen size change
  • can be opened by the prop isOpened
  • can be opened after a click on an element that you pass through the prop link (and then it takes care of the open/close state)
  • doesn't leave any mess in DOM after closing
  • provides its child with this.props.closePortal callback
  • can be closed by closeOnEsc and closeOnOutsideClick
  • handle modal nesting style and all their z-index automatically


Try [https://react-yet-another-modal] or

git clone
cd react-yet-another-modal
npm install
npm run dev
open localhost:8080


npm install react-yet-another-modal --save


import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import Modal from 'react-yet-another-modal';
export default class App extends React.Component {
  render() {
        title="Yet another modal"
        link={<button>Open a modal</button>}
          here we go, your modal content should be here.
ReactDOM.render(<App />, document.getElementById('react-body'));

Documentation - props

Always required

children : ReactElement

The portal expects one child (<Modal><Child ... /></Modal>) that will be ported.

link : ReactElement

The Modal button/text or any ReactElement which is used to open the modal. This element will be rendered by the Modal immediately.


isOpened : bool

If true, the modal is open. If false, the portal is closed. It's up to you to take care of the closing (aka taking care of the state). Don't use this prop if you want to make your life easier. Use link instead!

beforeCloseCallback : function

The callback before the Modal close.

closeOnEsc: bool

If true, the Modal can be closed by the key ESC.

closeOnOutsideClick: bool

If true, the Modal can be closed by the outside mouse click.

onOpen: func(DOMNode)

This callback is called when the Modal is opened and rendered (useful for animating the DOMNode).

beforeClose: func(DOMNode)

This callback is called before Modal close. You can do some DOMNode animation first and it will removes itself from DOM.

onClose: func

This callback is called when the portal closes and after beforeClose.

Tips & Tricks

  • Close modal programmatically

Sometimes you need to close your modal programmatically. A props closePortal is injected into your Modal Content Component automatically directly.

  let ProgrammaticallyCloseModal = props => {
    return (<div>
        <button onClick={()=>this.props.closePortal()}>
  <Modal title="My modal">
    <ProgrammaticallyCloseModal />


npm i react-yet-another-modal

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