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    ReactJS - TimePicker

    A ReactJS based TimePicker component to implement time or datetime selection.

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    Browser Support

    Chrome Firefox Safari Edge IE
    83.0 ✔ 77.0 ✔ 13.1.1 ✔ 83.0 ✔ 11.9 ✔


    Getting started

    Install the npm package:

    npm install react-weblineindia-time-picker 
    # OR 
    yarn add react-weblineindia-time-picker


    Use the <react-weblineindia-time-picker> component:

    import React ,{ Component } from 'react';
    import TimePicker from 'react-weblineindia-time-picker'
    class Test extends Component {
        constructor(props) {
        this.state = {
        return (
             placeholder="Time picker"

    Available Props

    Prop Type default Description
    value any null Value of the component.
    locale string en Localization for different languages and formats is defined by binding the locale.
    dateFormat string mm/dd/yy EFormat of the date.
    monthNavigator boolean false Whether the month should be rendered as a dropdown instead of text.
    yearNavigator boolean false Whether the year should be rendered as a dropdown instead of text.
    minDate Date null The minimum selectable date.
    maxDate Date null The maximum selectable date.
    disabledDates array null Array with dates to disable.
    disabledDays array null Array with disabled weekday numbers.
    showTime boolean true Whether to display timepicker.
    timeOnly boolean false Whether to display timepicker only.
    hourFormat String 12 Specifies 12 or 24 hour format.
    stepHour Number 1 Hours to change per step.
    stepMinute Number 1 Minutes to change per step.
    stepSecond Number 1 Seconds to change per step.
    showSeconds boolean false Whether to show the seconds in time picker.
    timeSeparator string : Separator of time selector.
    inline boolean false When enabled, displays the calendar as inline instead of an overlay.
    showOtherMonths boolean false Whether to display dates in other months (non-selectable) at the start or end of the current month. To make these days selectable use the selectOtherMonths option.
    selectOtherMonths boolean Array with disabled weekday numbers. Whether days in other months shown before or after the current month are selectable. This only applies if the showOtherMonths option is set to true.
    numberOfMonths number 1 Number of months to display.
    view string date Type of view to display, valid valids are "date" for datepicker and "month" for month picker.
    yearRange string 1960:2050 The range of years displayed in the year drop-down in (nnnn:nnnn) format such as (2000:2020).
    panelClass string null Style class of the datetimepicker panel.
    panelStyle string null Inline style of the datetimepicker panel.
    maxDateCount number null Maximum number of selectable dates in multiple mode.
    showOnFocus boolean true When disabled, datepicker will not be visible with input focus.
    autoZIndex boolean true Whether to automatically manage layering.
    baseZIndex number 0 Base zIndex value to use in layering.
    showButtonBar boolean false Whether to display today and clear buttons at the footer
    shortYearCutoff string +10 The cutoff year for determining the century for a date.
    hideOnDateTimeSelect boolean false Whether to hide the overlay on date selection when showTime is enabled.
    showWeek boolean false When enabled, calendar will show week numbers.
    manualInput boolean false Wheter to allow prevents entering the date manually via typing.
    ariaLabelledBy string null Establishes relationships between the component and label(s) where its value should be one or more element IDs.
    appendTo string null Id of the element or "body" for document where the overlay should be appended to.
    isDarkTheme boolean false dark theme for calendar


    Name Parameters Description
    date-select value: Selected value Callback to invoke when a date is selected.
    show - Callback to invoke when datepicker panel is shown.
    hide - Callback to invoke when datepicker panel is hidden.
    today-click date: Today as a date instance Callback to invoke when today button is clicked.
    clear-click event: Click event Callback to invoke when clear button is clicked.
    month-change event.month: New month event.year: New year Callback to invoke when a month is changed using the navigators.
    year-change event.month: New month event.year: New year Callback to invoke when a year is changed using the navigators.


    Following is the list of structural style classes.

    Name Element
    p-calendar Main container element.
    p-calendar-w-btn Main container element when button is enabled.
    p-calendar-timeonly Main container element in time picker only mode.
    p-inputtext Input element.
    p-datepicker Datepicker element.
    p-datepicker-inline Datepicker element in inline mode
    p-monthpicker Datepicker element in month view.
    p-monthpicker-month Month cell in month view mode.
    p-datepicker-touch-ui Datepicker element in touch ui mode.
    p-datepicker-calendar Table containing dates of a month.
    p-datepicker-current-day Cell of selected date.
    p-datepicker-today Cell of today's date.

    Want to Contribute?

    • Created something awesome, made this code better, added some functionality, or whatever (this is the hardest part).
    • Fork it.
    • Create new branch to contribute your changes.
    • Commit all your changes to your branch.
    • Submit a pull request.

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    Detailed changes for each release are documented in


    react-weblineindia-time-picker is inspired by primereact.




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