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React VR CLI

React VR is distributed as two packages, react-vr and react-vr-cli. The first one contains all of the code necessary to build React VR applications, and is installed as part of your project's dependencies. This directory contains the code for the second one: a command-line tool that should be installed globally (npm install -g react-vr-cli) and which allows you to quickly initialize React VR projects.

Using the CLI

Once the CLI has been globally installed, you can use it to generate new projects. Running the command:

react-vr init MyProject

will create a new project directory called MyProject. It will create all of the files necessary to get started with React VR, and will automatically run npm install to fetch your project's dependencies.

Once a project has been generated, you can run npm start to launch the packager and begin running your application.


The React VR CLI creates the starter project based upon the files found in the generators directory. These are very simple JavaScript modules that produce files from string templates. Configuration variables can be passed from the CLI to these generators, which return an object containing two keys: filename and content. Together, these are used to create a file at the generator's relative location. For example, a generator located in generators/vr will produce a file in $PROJECT_DIRECTORY/vr/.




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