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The react-voice-visualizer library offers a comprehensive and highly customizable solution for capturing, visualizing, and manipulating audio recordings within your web applications. Built with React hook and component, this library simplifies the process of integrating audio recording and visualization functionalities using the Web Audio API.


Experience the Demo App: Click here to explore the react-voice-visualizer. Try it out and see it in action!

Key Features:

  • Audio Recording: Easily capture audio recordings with minimal setup using React hook and component.

  • Visualization: Visualize audio data in real-time, making it suitable for applications such as voice recognition, sound analysis, and more.

  • Customization: The library is absolutely customizable, allowing you to tailor the audio recording and visualization components to fit your project's unique requirements.

  • Responsiveness: Create audio applications that adapt seamlessly to various screen sizes and devices, ensuring a consistent user experience across platforms.

This README provides a comprehensive guide to effectively utilizing the library's features.


To integrate the React Voice Visualizer library into your project, simply install it via npm or yarn:

npm install react-voice-visualizer


yarn add react-voice-visualizer

Demo App

For a live demonstration of the React Voice Visualizer library, you can check out the Demo Voice Visualizer App. This app showcases various features and functionalities of the library in action.

Feel free to explore the demo app to see how the React Voice Visualizer can be used in different scenarios. You can refer to the source code of the demo app for additional examples and inspiration for using the library effectively.


To start using the VoiceVisualizer component, you will need to import the necessary hook and component from the library. Here's an example of how to use this library in your App component:

import { useEffect } from "react";
import { useVoiceVisualizer, VoiceVisualizer } from "react-voice-visualizer";

const App = () => {
    // Initialize the recorder controls using the hook
    const recorderControls = useVoiceVisualizer();
    const {
        // ... (Extracted controls and states, if necessary)
    } = recorderControls;

    // Get the recorded audio blob
    useEffect(() => {
        if (!recordedBlob) return;

    }, [recordedBlob, error]);

    // Get the error when it occurs
    useEffect(() => {
        if (!error) return;

    }, [error]);

    return (
        <VoiceVisualizer ref={audioRef} controls={recorderControls} />

export default App;

Getting started

  1. Import the required components and hooks from the library.
  2. Initialize the recorder controls using the useVoiceVisualizer hook.
  3. Use the provided state and functions to manage audio recording and playback.
  4. Render the VoiceVisualizer component to display the real-time audio visualization.
  5. Use the provided buttons to start, pause, stop, and save the audio recording.

Remember to include necessary CSS styles to customize the components and buttons according to your design preferences.

API Reference

useVoiceVisualizer() Hook

A hook that provides recorder controls and state for audio visualization.

const recorderControls = useVoiceVisualizer();
Parameters (All parameters are optional)
Parameter Type Description
onStartRecording () => void Callback function triggered when recording starts.
onStopRecording () => void Callback function triggered when recording stops.
onPausedRecording () => void Callback function triggered when recording is paused.
onResumedRecording () => void Callback function triggered when recording is resumed.
onClearCanvas () => void Callback function triggered when the canvas is cleared.
onEndAudioPlayback () => void Callback function triggered when audio playback ends.
onStartAudioPlayback () => void Callback function triggered when audio playback starts.
onPausedAudioPlayback () => void Callback function triggered when audio playback is paused.
onResumedAudioPlayback () => void Callback function triggered when audio playback is resumed.
onErrorPlayingAudio (error: Error) => void Callback function is invoked when an error occurs during the execution of It provides an opportunity to handle and respond to such error.
Returns Type Description
audioRef MutableRefObject
<HTMLAudioElement | null>
Reference to the audio element used for playback.
isRecordingInProgress boolean Indicates if audio recording is currently in progress.
isPausedRecording boolean Indicates if audio recording is currently paused.
audioData Uint8Array Audio data for real-time visualization.
recordingTime number Elapsed time during recording in milliseconds.
mediaRecorder MediaRecorder | null MediaRecorder instance used for recording audio.
duration number Duration of the recorded audio in seconds.
currentAudioTime number Current playback time of the recorded audio in seconds.
audioSrc string Source URL of the recorded audio file for playback.
isPausedRecordedAudio boolean Indicates if recorded audio playback is paused.
isProcessingRecordedAudio boolean Indicates if the recorded audio is being processed and 'Processing Audio...' text shown.
isCleared boolean Indicates if the canvas has been cleared.
isAvailableRecordedAudio boolean Indicates whether recorded audi is available and not currently being processed. This return value can be used to check if it's an appropriate time to work with recorded audio data in your application.
recordedBlob Blob | null Recorded audio data in Blob format.
bufferFromRecordedBlob AudioBuffer | null Audio buffer from the recorded Blob.
formattedDuration string Formatted duration time in format 09:51m.
formattedRecordingTime string Formatted recording current time in format 09:51.
formattedRecordedAudioCurrentTime string Formatted recorded audio current time in format 09:51:1.
startRecording () => void Function to start audio recording.
togglePauseResume () => void Function to toggle pause/resume during recording and playback of recorded audio.
stopRecording () => void Function to stop audio recording.
saveAudioFile () => void This function allows you to save the recorded audio as a webm file format. Please note that it supports saving audio only in the webm format. If you need to save the audio in a different format, you can use external libraries like FFmpeg to convert the Blob to your desired format. This flexibility allows you to tailor the output format according to your specific needs.
clearCanvas () => void Function to clear the visualization canvas.
setCurrentAudioTime Dispatch<SetStateAction<number>> Internal function to handle current audio time updates during playback.
error Error | null Error object if any error occurred during recording or playback.
isProcessingOnResize boolean Indicates whether audio processing is occurring during a resize event when audio is recorded and a blob is present.
isProcessingStartRecording boolean When set to true, it indicates that the start recording button has been pressed, but either the permission to record has not yet been granted or the recording itself has not yet commenced. This prop serves as a helpful flag to manage the state of the recording process, allowing components to react accordingly to the current stage of recording initiation.
_setIsProcessingAudioOnComplete Dispatch<SetStateAction<boolean>> Internal function to set isProcessingAudioOnComplete state.
_setIsProcessingOnResize Dispatch<SetStateAction<boolean>> Internal function to set isProcessingOnResize state.

VoiceVisualizer Component

A component that visualizes the real-time audio wave during recording.

Props for AudioVisualizer Component

Props Description Default Type
ref A reference to the audio element - audioRef from the useVoiceVisualizer hook. - React.RefObject (Required)
controls Provides the audio recording controls and states required for visualization. - Controls (Required)
height The height of the visualization canvas. 200 string | number (Optional)
width The width of the visualization canvas. 100% string | number (Optional)
backgroundColor The background color of the visualization canvas. transparent string (Optional)
mainBarColor The color of the main audio wave line. #FFFFFF string (Optional)
secondaryBarColor The secondary color of the audio wave line. #5e5e5e string (Optional)
speed The speed of the audio visualization animation (Integer from 1 to 6, higher number is slower). 3 number (Optional)
barWidth The width of each audio wave bar. 2 number (Optional)
gap The gap between each audio wave bar. 1 number (Optional)
rounded The border radius of the audio wave bars. 5 number (Optional)
isControlPanelShown Whether to display the audio control panel, including features such as recorded audio duration, current recording time, and control buttons. If you want to create your own UI, set it to false and utilize functions from the useVoiceVisualizer hook to manage audio control. true boolean (Optional)
isDownloadAudioButtonShown Whether to display the Download audio button. false boolean (Optional)
fullscreen Whether the visualization should be displayed in fullscreen mode. It begins from the center by default. false boolean (Optional)
animateCurrentPick Whether to animate the current pick in the visualization. true boolean (Optional)
onlyRecording Whether to show the visualization only during voice recording. false boolean (Optional)
isDefaultUIShown Whether to show a default UI on Canvas before recording. If you want to create your own UI, set it to false. true boolean (Optional)
mainContainerClassName The CSS class name for the main container. - string (Optional)
canvasContainerClassName The CSS class name for the container of the visualization canvas. - string (Optional)
isProgressIndicatorShown Whether to show the progress indicator after recording. true boolean (Optional)
progressIndicatorClassName The CSS class name for the progress indicator. - string (Optional)
isProgressIndicatorTimeShown Whether to show the progress indicator time. true boolean (Optional)
progressIndicatorTimeClassName The CSS class name for the progress indicator with time. - string (Optional)
isProgressIndicatorOnHoverShown Whether to show the progress indicator on hover. true boolean (Optional)
progressIndicatorOnHoverClassName The CSS class name for the progress indicator on hover. - string (Optional)
isProgressIndicatorTimeOnHoverShown Whether to show the progress indicator time on hover. true boolean (Optional)
progressIndicatorTimeOnHoverClassName The CSS class name for the progress indicator with time on hover. - string (Optional)
isAudioProcessingTextShown Whether to show the audio processing text. true boolean (Optional)
audioProcessingTextClassName The CSS class name for the audio processing text. - string (Optional)
controlButtonsClassName The CSS class name for the Clear Button and Download Audio button components. - string (Optional)


This library is distributed under the MIT License.


If you encounter any bugs or have suggestions for improvements, please report them in the GitHub Issues section.


For support or general questions, you can reach out to

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This library was created by Yurii Zarytskyi

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